Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

We aim to develop future leaders with an international vision, moral character, intellectual ability and deep compassion for humanity based upon Christian belief and values.

Our Goals

  • To be true to our foundation by nurturing the development of Christian belief and values, and encouraging the spiritual growth of all members of the community  
  • To create a strong, vibrant international community which is aware of its global context and the issues which affect it  
  • To encourage in our students an appreciation of the need to understand, respect, serve and care for others  
  • To encourage in our students the skills of leadership, teamwork and a personal commitment to service  
  • To encourage our students to adopt a healthy lifestyle to promote their well-being and to enhance their cultural awareness  
  • To promote the intellectual development of our students together with the achievement of the best academic qualifications within each student’s capabilities  
  • To promote a genuine and intrinsic love of learning; encourage creative, critical and reflective learning; and assist students to communicate their ideas and beliefs in a balanced but clear manner  
  • To encourage the development of personal standards such as self-discipline, initiative, self-reliance and an entrepreneurial spirit  
  • To provide a physical environment of the highest quality possible to enhance the education on offer

Our Philosophy

Our school’s philosophy is manifest in our purpose, spirit, focus, and beliefs.

As a Methodist institution, we strive to build a community based on Christian teaching and beliefs; encouraging our students to serve and lead as Christ did – making positive contributions to the world we live in by showing compassion and servant-shaped leadership.

Christian worship is an integral part of school life – and all students and teaching staff must attend all formal services held by the school. Whilst we encourage individuals to consider the claims of Christ, we are also sensitive to the individual beliefs of our staff and students.

As a school, we are focused on providing the best for our students – not just academically, but by focusing on their strengths and developing their latent potential in all areas of their lives. We believe that by doing so, our students are able to become well-rounded individuals of good character.

Our international students currently represent more than 30 nationalities – they contribute richly to our school culture, and helps nurture a sense of global mindedness in the school community as a whole. In addition, we cherish Singaporean values – standing alongside Singaporeans as they sing the national anthem and say the pledge.


Our Values

Our school values help define and empower us. They contribute to our sense of purpose and vision, and inspire collective action. Our IGNITE values are:
Inspiration and Impact – Inspiring Individuals, Impacting lives
Noble Character
Tenacity (= Perseverance)
As well as the values identified, IGNITE speaks of ‘lighting the flame’, the fire of the Holy Spirit, energy and action. All members of the ACS (International) community live by these values.

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