ACS International Jeju seeks to provide students with an extensive range of opportunities to challenge and fulfil their potential. The strong academic focus ensures students know what they are at school for: to achieve a well-rounded education and development of potential in intellectual, cultural, leadership, service and sporting areas. Each of these areas supports and feeds into the others in a circuitous fashion. The student is at the heart and centre of all actions, supported by capable and enthusiastic teachers.

A strong pastoral care network supports and underpins the school’s holistic framework. In the Secondary School compulsory boarding ensures that all students are well supported in an English speaking environment. Each House consists of a Head of House, Housemasters and GAP students who work together to provide 24/7 support to the students who will live in two-bed units. Each Housemaster is responsible for 12 – 14 students.

Across the school all students will be supported by a class tutor or homeroom teacher, a school counsellor, a Methodist Pastor, a higher education counsellor, school nurses and a student centred senior leadership team.

The co-curricular life of an ACS school is much valued by staff and students alike. A wide range of co-curricular activities (CCAs) is envisaged which will run after school during the week and on Saturdays; an extensive leadership programme which includes formal leadership positions is planned; additionally service and community project activities will be undertaken both locally and overseas. Life skills such as public speaking, presentation skills, time management and the art of study are emphasised as important components in our programme to nurture future leaders and global citizens.

 We regard ourselves as a family. The concept of family is important to all cultures, and as a diverse and inclusive school, our integrated pastoral care / House system and our emphasis on Christian values supports, encourages, and challenges all students to achieve their potential in every aspect of school life.

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