The specialist counsellors in the school include the Guidance Counsellor, Special Needs Coordinator and the Higher Education Counsellor.

Guidance Counsellor – A specialised full time position to support the emotional and psychological needs of the students. The school philosophy is that by enhancing student support outside the classroom the students will be better able to succeed in their academic pursuits. The Counsellor provides a confidential service to the school community.

Special Needs Coordinator– The SEN coordinator takes responsibility for students with SEN and provides professional guidance in the area of Special Educational Needs. The SENCO’s role is to collect and interpret specialist assessment data for the students and use it to formulate appropriate teaching practices. The SENCO helps SEN students to set realistic targets, and provide appropriate support according to the school’s SEN Policy. The SENCO is responsible for arranging special provision during the examinations according to the special needs of students and at the Examination Boards’ discretion.

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