Attitude to Learning

7 = determined, responsible, self-motivated, proactive

6 = cooperative, committed, diligent, focused, persistent

5 = organised, cooperative, reliable, responsive, consistently thorough

4 = passive, inconsistent, casual, lacks initiative, neutral

3 = disorganised, unreliable, unproductive, inattentive, reluctant to engage, unreceptive

2 = uninterested, unresponsive, idle, lacks involvement, no evidence of effort

1 = uncooperative, irresponsible, unmotivated, disruptive

–  = Pupil not in set long enough for an assessment to be made

X = Unable to assess because of failure to submit work or absence



Completion of Work

7 = always complete; submitted before or on the deadline; of consistently the highest quality

6 = always complete; on time; of good quality

5 = generally complete; on time; with the occasional inaccuracy

4 = sometimes incomplete; or sometimes late; careless mistakes

3 = often incomplete; or often late; evidence of being rushed

2 = insufficient to complete the course; rarely submitted; little evidence of effort

1 = almost nothing submitted; or evidence of plagiarism or copying

–  = Pupil has not been in the set long enough to complete any significant amount of work

X = Unable to assess because of failure to submit work or absence

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