Why study with us?

We nurture the academic, physical, social, cultural and spiritual growth of future leaders through: 

  • A safe and conducive learning environment based on our dual Christian values and ACS heritage.
  • A globally accredited international curriculum, giving our students access to the world’s leading universities.
  • A broad-based curriculum offering a wide range of subjects which allows greater flexibility in subject selection.
  • A six-year academic program, which facilitates a smooth progression through each key phase.
  • Outstanding educational opportunities with equal emphasis on science, mathematics, the arts and humanities.
  • Small class-sizes and a low overall teacher-student ratio (9:1) facilitating personalised learning.
  • A campus-wide wireless LAN system providing access to a wealth of on-line resources.
  • An integrated House System to look after all aspects of a student’s life.
  • Extensive student leadership opportunities.
  • A comprehensive student leadership development programme.
  • A balanced mix of local and international students who enjoy their learning and have fun together.
  • All-round, holistic personal development focusing on academic, physical and spiritual education. 


“Pride in our school, a strong sense of identity and an excellent holistic education, all in a safe and enriching environment. These key components provide the compass needed to give direction to the lives of our students.”



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