The school will be situated in an English-speaking zone, one of 5 international schools in the Global Education Village of Seoguipo-si, 30 minutes’ drive from the northern gateway city of Jeju City. There are predominantly English speaking staff from all parts of the world in all 5 international schools in the zone. These include Branksome Hall (Canadian girls school); North London Collegiate School (England); St Johnsbury Academy (USA); a Korean International School (KIS) and now the Singapore brand of ACS schools is committed to establishing ACS International School, Jeju.


Local Food

Local Korean food tends to be very meat or fish based but you can find vegetarian pasta and pancakes locally. Sourcing food is no problem, with an abundance of meat and fresh vegetables available on this fertile island. The City Hall area of Jeju City has considerable variety and is well-priced. The school canteen will have western as well as Asian food options.


Pastimes in Jeju

Jeju offers an outdoor lifestyle. There are walking and mountain bike trails along coastal pathways. There are many dormant volcanoes with famous Mt Halle being the highest. Roads and highways are in good condition though the cars compete with farm vehicles on occasion. There are beaches for swimming and paddling. There are many cafes and shopping is available in a modern shopping environment 20 minutes away. There are distinct seasons, with some snow, and wind. The cold season is purportedly shorter than that on the mainland.

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