Teaching Opportunities at ACS International, Jeju from 2020

As a new school we will be seeking to fill most teaching posts. In particular we are looking for:

 15 January 2020

  • Vice Principal Primary School (PYP Coordinator)
  • Vice Principal Middle School
  • Secondary School Heads of Faculty
    • English
    • ESOL
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Humanities
    • Arts
    • Korean
    • Chinese
    • Physical Education
  • Primary School Syndicate Leaders and Head of Early Years

3 August 2020

  • Primary School classroom teachers and specialists in Music, PE, Chinese, Korean & ESOL/Language
  • Secondary School subject specialists, Head of Sports & CCAs, Teacher Librarian, Higher Education Counsellor

Note: We are also seeking teachers for Heads of House and Housemaster posts as additional duties.

Residential Housemaster Opportunities

Boarding is compulsory for all secondary school students (Grades 7 – 12). It is envisaged that 2/3rds of secondary school staff will be employed in boarding.  Primary school staff may also apply to be Housemasters. Priority in employment will be given to those who wish to be considered as Housemasters. Housemasters receive the following benefits:

  • Free accommodation in a 1, 2 or 3 bed apartment in one of the Houses
  • $USD 1000 per month for Heads of House and $USD 750 per month for Housemasters
  • $USD100 per month towards utilities
  • Free meals at the school canteen during term time for the teacher and his/her family
  • Reduction in weekly class contact teaching hours from 18/25 to 15/25.

Teacher Benefits / Packages

Salaries are tax-free; with two thirds  paid in US dollars and one third paid in Korean Won. The salary packages are highly competitive with other schools on Jeju Island and international schools in Asia. In addition, expatriate teachers can expect the following benefits:

  • One month annual bonus (accumulative) and payable on exit
  • Free housing plus benefits for residential Housemasters – see below
  • Housing allowance for non-Housemasters
  • Annual return flights home for teacher and dependent family
  • Medical insurance for teacher and dependent family
  • 100% tuition fees for up to 3 dependent children at ACS Jeju
  • Up to $USD5000 1 year interest free loan to buy a car
  • School laptop
  • A 3 year initial contract.

Jobs for Partners?

For those teachers with teaching partners, we will do our best to find work in the ACS International Jeju School on a local package (an international teacher’s salary but without the benefits that are covered by the spouse’s contract eg family flights home, family health care, family accommodation).  However, if there are no vacancies at this school, there are 4 other schools in the same Education City within walking distance of each other, and there may be vacancies there. If the partner has a university degree and an EAL qualification, they could possibly find work as an EAL teacher at various language academies.

Health Care

International in-patient hospital cover in a private medical scheme (AXA classic or similar) is provided for all teachers and their families. The island’s outpatient care is reputed to be excellent with one or more doctors or surgeons in each clinic able to speak English; though inpatient care is reputedly more like the rest of Asia where families are expected to support the patient more than expats are used to.

Leisure in Jeju

Jeju offers an outdoor lifestyle. There are walking and mountain bike trails along coastal pathways. There are many dormant volcanoes with famous Mt Halle being the highest. Roads and highways are in good condition though the cars compete with farm vehicles on occasion. There are many beaches for swimming and paddling. There are many cafes and shopping can take place in a modern shopping environment 20 minutes away. The resorts are nice for a change, for a meal out or a celebration. There are distinct seasons, with rain and some snow, and wind. The cold season is purportedly shorter than that on the mainland.

Another useful website to help you work out how far money goes on Jeju Island is:

https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living/jeju?currency=AUD  (you can put in your own currency)

Outside of the immediate area of service facilities and restaurants that have popped up adjacent to the schools, there is little English spoken until you visit Jeju City or the local resorts.  Learning some Korean fairly quickly will be important and we intend to make available Korean lessons for staff. Staff children will have the option of joining the Korean language and culture classes that are compulsory for Korean children.

Travel: In close proximity to Jeju are – Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo (all 1- 1.5 hours fly time away).

Contact Us

If you are interested in building community and being part of an ACS heritage that will have its own characteristics in the new ACS international school in Jeju, then express your interest by contacting acsjejurecruiting@acsinternational.edu.sg. It is envisaged that formal recruiting will begin in April 2019.

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