Curriculum Programme

At ACS (International) students follow a general academic programme in their first two years at the school before selecting their subject combinations for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in Year 3 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in Year 5. Some students are entered for the Cambridge ‘O’ Level in their mother tongue languages. The school offers an English-medium curriculum. An externally run preparation course for SATs is provided for students aiming for entrance into US universities.

For further information see the following websites:

Cambridge IGCSE

International Baccalaureate Organisation

ACS (International) offers a six year secondary programme. Students with competent English first language skills are placed in the Mainstream Programme and follow through from Years 1 – 6 as per the table below.

  Mainstream Year Bridging Year  
  1 1 Bridging  
  2 2 Pre-IGCSE  
  3 IGCSE    
  4 IGCSE 4 Pre-IB  
    4 Foundation IB  
  5 IBDP    
  6 IBDP    


Students for whom English is a Second Language are usually placed in a Bridging programme and move to Mainstream the following year. For example, a student in Year 2 Pre-IG Bridging will usually move to Year 3 IGCSE Mainstream the following year, and similarly a student in Year 4 Pre-IB will move to Year 5 IBDP Mainstream the following year.

The Year 4 Foundation IB programme is a one year programme for competent English language learners and prepares students who are not able to complete the two year IGCSE course for IBDP the following year.