ESOL / Bridging Programmes

The ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) faculty offers intensive English language development to non-native speakers of English. The faculty is responsible for the Bridging programmes, and teaches IGCSE English as a Second Language (ESL) and IBDP English B examination subjects.

The aim of the Bridging programme is to bridge the gap between native and non-native speakers, and to develop students’ abilities to use English for practical communication, academic writing, and to nurture internationally-minded individuals.

  Mainstream Year Bridging Year  
  1 1 Bridging  
  2 2 Pre-IGCSE  
  3 IGCSE    
  4 IGCSE 4 Pre-IB  
    4 Foundation IB  
  5 IBDP    
  6 IBDP    


Students for whom English is their Second Language are usually placed in a Bridging programme and move to Mainstream the following year. For example, a student in Year 2 Pre-IG Bridging will usually move to Year 3 IGCSE Mainstream the following year. Similarly, a student in Year 4 Pre-IB will move to Year 5 IBDP Mainstream.

Bridging students undertake intensive English language tuition in specialist classes but their other subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences and Humanities are identical to Mainstream subjects.