Examination Results

ACS (International) students continue to perform well in the international IGCSE and IBDP examinations. Gaining ‘Top of the World’ awards for IGCSE for the past 6 years is particularly pleasing. It demonstrates that we have some exceptionally talented students plus we have the teachers who can raise student performance to this elite level.

Not only are the overall results above average but equally pleasing are the ‘value added’ improvements shown by many students during their time at our school. The Straits Times article in January 2014 “PSLE Results So-So; IB Results So Good” (see 2015 Power Point Presentation) reinforces the fact that our students performance in the external examinations is significantly higher than would be expected from PSLE and O Level results. As well, for nearly 45% of our students, English is their second language, so their above average results in English medium examinations is also very encouraging.

November 2015 IB Results

Over ninety eight (98) percent of last year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates gained their IB Diploma in the November 2015 examination in the results released on 5.1.2016. The results show an improvement in the overall pass rate on 2013 and 2014, increasing from 92% to 96% to 98.7%. The overall cohort average of 34.7 (out of 45) was also higher than last year’s average of 34 points. The world average is 31 points with 24 points and above being a pass mark. Our top mark was 44 shared by Deandra Muliawan and Ariane Ruppli.

Ten Singaporean students in the 149 student cohort entered ACS International with PSLE scores below 200 but collectively scored an average of 32.5 points. An outstanding value-added improvement. Overall, 28 Singaporean students with PSLE scores below 225 scored between 27 and 41 IB points with an average of 35 points.

26% of the cohort gained a Bilingual Diploma showing language strength in two different languages at first language level. Fifteen students gained a score of 40 points and above.

It is important to compare apples with apples when comparing results between schools. Our 98.7% pass rate plus the higher than world average pass rate was especially pleasing when considering that for 45% of our students English is a second language. It is not easy to firstly learn English, then think in English then write in academic English.

IGCSE 2014 Examination Results

ACS (International) students produced a 91% pass rate with 48% Distinction passes (compared to 90% pass rate and 45% Distinctions last year). 74% gained entry to our IB Diploma programme by gaining at least 2xA; 2 x B and 2 x C passes. Twelve students in the 163 strong cohort gained all Distinction passes (A * or A).  These top performing students who each gained 100% Distinction passes were Chew Esheng, Nikkei Martono, Sandhya Selvakumar, Jiang Yutong, Manatsavee Thaipetkul, Kezia Tan, Kriti Ahuja, Yola Alicia Annabelle, Charles Fuad, Sandra Aliandy, Aishah Angell and Alicia Chong Li-Yan.

Top performing subjects included Geography, Music and Physical Education with 100% pass rates; and Mathematics 98%, English Language 97%, English Literature 97% and Physics 95%. Music (92%), Chemistry (71%) and Mathematics (69%) had the highest percentage of distinctions.

Aishah Angell achieved a ‘Top in the World’ award in IGCSE Physical Education in 2014. This is the sixth year in a row that ACS (International) students have gained this award, bringing the total Top In The World awards to 13 across eight different subjects.  

Oxford University Bound

Risa Tan has just been accepted to read Law at St Hilda’s College, Oxford University, beginning her studies later this year. Risa scored an impressive 43 points in the IB Diploma examination and gained selection based on several interviews, a very strong school portfolio and  her strong academic performance.

During her time at school Risa consistently made the Principal’s List each term for academic performance and was a member of the High Achievers group. She is a very talented writer, speaker and debater. She was President of the ACS (International) Debate Society, and in the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships (Division I) her unique debating style earned her the award for Best Floor Speaker in this national debating tournament. As well, Risa gave an extremely thought-provoking TED talk for TEDxYouth entitled “Singlish: The Native Language” which was widely circulated and received considerable positive response from both live and online audiences. It can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMMzDAg4VvI .

Risa has been a regular and active contributor to the Straits Times Forum, as well as to TODAY newspaper. She has contributed her views on local politics, education, the Little India riots, and gender and social issues. She was invited to meet the Straits Times editor and attend the Forum Writers’ Dialogue. Risa was a Grassroots Volunteer in the Buona Vista constituency. In this role she served under Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament Chan Chun Sing and attended Meet-the-People sessions every Monday night. Her work included writing petitions to various government agencies on behalf of Singaporeans with financial and family problems. Other areas of service included her participation in a service trip to Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe) volunteering for a job shadowing project for the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust as well as fundraising and helping rebuild a school in an underprivileged community in rural Zimbabwe.

We are delighted that Risa’s outstanding abilities, her strong character and her passion to serve others has been rewarded with this prestigious offer to Oxford University.

PSLE Entry Scores 2009 – 2015

The table below summarises the overall academic primary school performance of the Singaporean students on entry in Year 1. The Singaporean students make up the vast majority of our Year 1 mainstream classes.

  Year of Entry Current Yr Level Average PSLE Score  
  2009 Last year’s Yr 6 212  
  2010 6 202  
  2011 5 209  
  2012 4 203  
  2013 3 198  
  2014 2 213  
  2015 1 213  


The average PSLE scores give an indication of the relative academic ability of the overall cohort. The 2010 cohort had a significant number of students with marks below 200. We are therefore not surprised at the overall performance of the cohort in the 2014 IGCSE examinations being higher than in 2013.

Overall Examinations Result Summary 2012 – 2014

  IGCSE 2012 2013 2014  
  Distinction 51% 45% 48%  
  Pass Rate 92.5% 90% 91%  


  Average 34 34 34  
  (World Average 29.9)        
  Over 40 15% 14% 12%  
  Top Score 44 44 44  
  Pass Rate 94% 92% 96%  


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