Years 3 and 4 (IGCSE) 2016

Year 3 and 4 students sit for the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. The curriculum offered at ACS (International) consists of core subjects, including compulsory subjects.

Compulsory subjects include: English Language (or English as a Second Language), a 2nd Language, one Humanities, one Science, Mathematics, and Physical Education (PE) (non-examinable).

Important information on subjects:

  • Students must choose one of each of the compulsory subjects. (See Core Subjects 1 – 5.)
  • Student eligibility for the English courses is determined by either an entrance test or the end of year result in Year 2.
  • Student eligibility for the English courses also determines the number of subjects and subjects available to them.
    • Students who are eligible to study English Language must select one subject from each of the Options A, B, and C – a total of 8 subjects.
    • Students who are eligible to study English as a Second Language must select any 2 subjects out of Option A, B, or C – a total of 7 subjects.
  • Students who wish to study Music must check with the Music Department for the eligibility criteria.
  • Business Studies and Economics: Students may only select either of these subjects, not both.
  • French and Japanese Languages are chosen as a third language
  • Triple Science is available to certain students. Those who wish to study all the Science subjects must select Biology in Option C.
  • Subject combinations that include a Third Language, Triple Science and Additional Mathematics are subject to approval from the respective Heads of Faculty by means of an admission test.
  • PE is not the same as IGCSE PE. PE is a non-examinable class, whilst IGCSE PE is an examinable subject.



Options available


English Language (Compulsory)

–        English Language

–        English as a Second Language (ESOL)


Second Language (Compulsory)

–        Mother Tongue Options (O-level subjects)

–        Higher Chinese

–        Express Chinese

–        Chinese B (Available for Singaporeans & PRs only)

–        Hindi

–        Express Malay

–        Malay B (Available for Singaporeans & PRs only)

–        Higher Tamil

–        Express Tamil

–        Tamil B (Available for Singaporeans & PRs only)

–        IGCSE Language Options

–        Chinese as a Second Language

–        French (Intermediate)

–        Mandarin (Beginner/Intermediate)

–        Spanish (Beginner/Intermediate)


Humanities (Compulsory)

–        History

–        Geography

–        Business Studies

–        Economics


Science (Compulsory)

–        Biology

–        Chemistry

–        Physics


Mathematics (Compulsory)


Additional Options

Option A


–        Biology

–        Chemistry

–        Physics

–        Business Studies

–        Geography

–        French Language

Option B


–        Business Studies

–        Additional Mathematics

–        Japanese Language

–        English Literature

Option C


–        Biology

–        Additional Mathematics

–        Music

–        Art

–        Drama

–        IGCSE PE

–        English Literature

–        Economics


See Cambridge IGCSE

One Year Programmes

Students for whom English is a Second Language may apply to join the Bridging programme in either Year 1, 2 or 4 in preparation for joining the mainstream classes the following year.  A general programme is offered mirroring the mainstream programme which enables students to easily join the mainstream the following year.

Students with first language level English applying for Year 4 are generally not eligible for the two year IGCSE programme but may apply to the one year Foundation IB course.

Year 4 FIB Programme

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