ACS life

ACS (International) provides students with an extensive range of opportunities and challenges in order for them to achieve his or her potential. We are very proud of the many features which contribute to the all-round holistic education prized by the school community.

Academic activities are complemented by a wide range of co-curricular activities (CCAs), an extensive leadership programme which includes over 200 formal leadership positions, and service and community project activities undertaken both locally and overseas.

Life skills such as public speaking, presentation skills, time management and the art of study are emphasized as important components in the all-round education to nurture future leaders and global citizens.

We regard ourselves as a family. The concept of family is important to all cultures and in this diverse and inclusive school our unique pastoral care-linked House system and our emphasis on Christian values supports, encourages and challenges all students to achieve to their potential in every aspect of school life.

Student Leadership

To support the school vision of nurturing future leaders and promoting global citizenship, the student leadership programme aims to grow and develop leaders for the 21st century.

We seek to encourage, equip, enable and empower our student to lead change. Embracing the Design for Change disposition, they collaborate in small groups to bring improvements to the school community.

A wide range of student leadership positions are available. Formal leadership roles include:

  • School Prefects
  • Student Council
  • Ambassadors
  • House Prefects
  • CCA leaders

The leadership programme includes the following:

  • Habitudes by Dr Tim Elmore –focuses on values and habits of self- direction, other direction(integrated in PSHE)
  • 360 degree Leadership – by Dr John Maxwell – for student leaders
  • The Student Leadership Challenge –J Kouzes and B Posner (2013)
  • Leadership conferences, workshops and camps
  • Mentoring –teacher-student, student-student
  • Leadership Colours Awards for student leaders
  • Teacher training and certification in conducting workshops

Student Leaders:


ACS (International) sees service to the community – local, national or international – as a fundamental part of the Christian faith and a complement to intellectual development and the academic curriculum. Service is at the core of our mission and all students are expected to contribute. Service impacts positively on both the individual undertaking the service activity and the one receiving the service.

Our students are able to participate in service activities at school, in Singapore and more globally. Recent and repeated service trips abroad include those to Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Japan where students have worked on construction and conservation projects, assisting in classrooms, clean-up activities, and supporting the old and very young.