Parent School Partners (PSP) at ACS (International)

Twenty inspired and enthusiastic parents founded the ACS (International) PSP when the school first opened its doors in 2005. The first Exco members hosted the visiting students and teachers from a South African high school just three weeks after their first meeting.

PSP has since had more than 100 Exco meetings which the Principal and VPs also attend. This forum is valued by the SLT as an avenue to seek parent feedback on a range of topics, and to receive feedback on any issue or aspect of school life. The parents in return value the close-door contact session with the SLT each month. PSP has given parents the opportunity to provide their unique perspective and contribute in many meaningful ways.

PSP coffee mornings, dialogue sessions with the Principal and workshops on topics such as cyber-bullying and parent support groups have provided opportunities for parents to share experiences and provide valuable feedback. Parent bonding activities, usually involving food, have allowed fellow parents to get to know each other better and forge friendships, while the Parents’ Prayer Group offers fellowship and support through prayer.

The popular Cookery Club CCA stands out as a great example of parent involvement. The sessions are taught by parent volunteers, each of whom has brought their unique culinary skills to the kitchen. PSP has also organised and supported other events which are now cherished parts of the annual school calendar including the Back to School Party, the International Day lunch and the Teachers’ Day Lunch.

Over the years, countless parents have committed to volunteering their time, ideas and resources to PSP. The school is grateful to each and every one of them for their contributions to the ACS (International) family.


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Looking to the Future

“PSP is about enriching the school experience for our children. As stakeholders, our opinion on what will help the school continue to grow from strength to strength is of immense value. We support each other as we go through the journey of parenting teenagers and dealing with all that that entails, learning from each other along the way. We have fun rejoicing in good company and making new friends.

We each do what we can – volunteer for one event or all of them; donate towards a lucky draw prize for Teacher’s Day or provide a food item for the Back to School Party; man a food stall on International Day; teach or assist during a Cookery Club class; join in a parent bonding activity or a prayer group meeting; sit on the Exco and spearhead PSP activities or impart our viewpoint for the benefit of the school. Whatever we choose to do, we serve with joy, dedication and purpose.

We’re always happy to share and very much look forward to welcoming new parents.”

PSP Team

Calling All Parents!

Parent School Partners (PSP)

The Parent School Partners comprise the Exco that oversees a variety of events on behalf of the parents of ACS (International) students, which includes:

  • Supporting various school events, e.g. Teachers’ Day and ACSpirit de Corps
  • Collaborating with student groups on PSP-sponsored events and student-initiative activities
  • Organising parent-bonding activities and workshops, e.g. “Cyber wellness for your teen”
  • Organising monthly prayer meeting for parents
  • Attending a monthly meeting with the Principal and Vice-Principals to raise and discuss issues, and to act as a sound board for the school

Parent Volunteers (PV)
Join us in sharing your thoughts, experiences and concerns as your child journeys through their education. From involvement in school activities to engagement with the school, your participation makes our school family better and stronger. By volunteering with PV, you are able to put your skills and hobbies, as well as your ideas and experiences, to use for a worthy cause – for your child and all the students in the ACS (International) community. Activities with PV include:

  • School events organised by the PSP
  • Parent activities
  • Parents’ Prayer Club

To find out more about PSP or becoming a Parent Volunteer, or to raise an issue with the school’s leadership on your behalf, email us at or