Forms and Important Information for New Students


Application for Admission

Kartu pelajar Student Card

Tramsportasi Transport

Tahun 1 opsi bahasa Year 1 Language Options

Tahun 2 opsi Bahasa dan sains Year 2 Language and Science Options

Tahun 2 opsi sains PRE-IGCSE Year 2 Pre IGCSE Science Options

Tahun3 buklet informasi IGCSE Year 3 IGCSE Information Booklet

Tahun3 pilihan subjek IGCSE (login firefly bila diperlukan) Year 3 IGCSE Subject Options (Firefly Login Required)

Tahun 4 foundation IB/ pre IB opsi sains (formulir level entri kimia IB) (formulir level entri Fisika IB) (formulir level entri Biologi IB) Year 4 Foundation IB / Pre IB Science Options (IB Chemistry Entry Level Form) (IB Physics Entry Level Form) (IB Biology Entry Level Form)

Tahun 5 informasi subjek IBDP Year 5 IBDP Subject Options (External Applicants)

Opsi Subjek IBDP Tahun 5 (Pelamar Internal) Year 5 IBDP Subject Options (Internal Applicants)

Student Pass (For International Students Only)

Online Application and Registration

Frequently Asked Questions About Student Pass

Terms and Conditions of Student Pass


2019 Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance for International Students of ACS (International)


Kebijakan Perwalian (Bahasa Inggris) Guardianship Policy (English)

Kebijakan Perwalian (Cina) Guardianship Policy (Chinese)

Formulir Pendaftaran Perwalian Guardianship Registration Form


Accommodation Policy (English)

Accommodation Policy (Chinese)

Summary Chart of Two Hostels

ACS (Independent) Boarding School

Information on ACS (Independent) Boarding School

Application Form of ACS (Independent) Boarding School

Oldham Hall

Information on Oldham Hall

Application Form of Oldham Hall (English)

Application Form of Oldham Hall (Chinese)

Application Form of Oldham Hall (Korean)