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연중 내내, 우리는 우리 학생들을 위하여 학교 전체를 대상으로 하는 주요 이벤트 및 학교 내외의 다양한 액티비티를 조직합니다.

1 March 2023
ACSpirit de Corps 2023 – Back with a Vengeance!
Traditionally, ACSpirit de Corps is a celebration which fosters the unique ACS school spirit and takes place after Founder’s Day. After the long 3-year COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the school community celebrated ACSpirit de Corps physically on Wednesday 1 March with great gusto and exhilaration! It was a long-awaited event which entailed months of meticulous planning and preparation by the 5th Student Affairs. This year’s Carnival theme alluded to the merrymaking and feasting in celebration of the return to post-pandemic normalcy. It also allowed for much creativity and imagination, including a gigantic Carnival themed photo booth which served as a fabulous backdrop for students to take photos.
14 January 2023
Singapore Cultural Orientation Tour 1
The Singapore Cultural Orientation Tour, organised by the International Student Committee (ISC) on 14 January, was attended by 64 new international students, 20 ISC members, 6 Peer Leaders and 2 teachers. The tour was designed to provide an introduction to Singapore's culture and help the international students feel more comfortable and familiar with the cultural diversity of Singapore. The tour also aimed to help students make new friends.
9 September 2022
National Day & Malaysia Day
Friday 9 September 2022 was an unforgettable day for me, Summer Yew Min (5 GHK) and NTU student Maya Zainudin. That was the day the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore hosted a state event 'National Day & Malaysia Day' at the Grand Hyatt of Singapore. The event was held to celebrate Singapore’s National Day and Malaysia Day. Malaysia Day is celebrated on 16 September every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian Federation on the same date in 1963.
31 August 2022
TEDx Youth @ ACS (International)
On 31 August, the Envoy CCA hosted an official TEDx Youth event in the Chapel of ACS (International). The theme of the event was From The Shadows, and it centred around stories of youths overcoming relatable struggles and inspiring others.
27 May 2022
ACS Got Talent!
On  the  last  day of  Term  2,   the  5th  Student   Affairs   had  their  debut ACS  Got  Talent!  Students  from  Years  4  to  6  came  together  to  watch our  very  talented  students  Summer  Yew (5 GHK),  Larissa Chan (5 SVM), Marisa Lee (5 OLD), Hailey Ng (5 LSG) and Sara Kwok (5 THO)  take  to  the stage  with  renditions  of  well-known  music  pieces  such  as  Heather by Conan Gray.
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