TEDx Youth @ ACS (International)

31 August 2022

Seven speakers were featured from within and outside the school. Among the speakers, three were our Year 6 senior students — Emmanuel Carter, Kyren Lavan, and Vidhi — as well as 1 alumnus, Samuel Sianipar. Other speakers included   Saikishan Subramanian from Nexus International School (Singapore), Piper Yu from British School Manila in the Philippines, and Marshaa Balani from C.L Gupta World School in India, who spoke virtually at the event. Emmanuel spoke about the weight of expectations, Kyren on overcoming challenges, and Vidhi on following your dreams. Samuel shared on social comparisons, Sai on perseverance, and Piper on toxic positivity, while Marshaa shared about searching for self-acceptance. The speakers spoke from the heart as they shared their personal stories and struggles they had overcome.

Overall, organising this event was a good learning experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the insightful talks presented by the speakers. We sincerely thank them for sharing at our event and we hope that the audience gained some inspiration and wisdom to consider when they take on their own personal struggles.

TEDx was organized as a CAS event. The team members were Sandhya Bhagwani, Teo Jie Shi Alarice, Saw Yone Shou @ Khin Lin Thet, Keiji Yamamoto, Jasper Tan, Michael Cheung, Hitesh Kishnani and Ethelyn Huang Meici.

Ethelyn Huang Meici