Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care system encourages and reinforces each student’s personal and social development. We seek to ensure that all students feel cared for and valued.

The House system is central to the school’s pastoral provision and provides the means by which each individual student is nurtured. Each student is attached to a House and has a teacher Tutor who is primarily responsible for their pastoral care.

Each tutor oversees their students’ conduct in school, monitors their academic work and encourages the highest standards, develops their character, observes their relationship with other students, enforces discipline and offers guidance and counselling.

A specialist Counsellor provides expert support where needed. The International Student Pastoral Care Coordinator, Learning Support Coordinator and School Nurse also provide specialist assistance.


The School Counsellor tends to the psycho-social emotional wellbeing of the students. They provide support in issues relating to social, familial, educational and mental health difficulties. They also liaise with professionals, such as social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists as well as engage with and support parents and at times staff members as required. The counselling service is a confidential service and the School Counsellor is a student advocate to the staff.

The International Student Coordinator is responsible for the after-school pastoral care of all students whose parents do not live in Singapore. As well as emotional counselling, they also organise new international students orientation to Singapore, monthly outings, and accommodation and guardianship matters. 

The Learning Support Coordinator oversees the academic support and progress of the students with various learning differences. They provide learning and social-emotional support and interventions, as well as the administration of educational assessments to better understand the students’ learning abilities.

To connect with our school counsellors, please email or make an appointment using the links below:
Ms. Charlina Gozali (Y1, Y2, Y3)
Ms. Dorothea Yeo (Y4, Y5, Y6)
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Chaplaincy Christian Ministry

Under the leadership of Rev. Jeremy Ong , the Chaplaincy Team ensures the smooth running of the Christian ministry’s five components of WORSHIP, CONNECT, GROW, SERVE and REACH OUT and provides spiritual and practical support to the spiritual life of the school community. Weekly Chapel services strive to inculcate in our students the need to understand, respect, serve and care for one another. Based on Biblical values, they are integral to the school’s mission of developing well-rounded students of good moral character. The student Chapel Band and Worship Group participate in each chapel service which is held in the purpose-built Oldham Chapel building.

Christian Fellowship is more than just a CCA. Everyone is welcome, and our weekly meetings focus on spiritual growth, fellowship and mutual encouragement. We also have great fun during CF Outings which are held once a term. To promote care and concern for others less fortunate than ourselves, we hold ad hoc events such as joint fund-raising venture with the Ambassadors.

Our Chaplaincy Team:

Chaplains: Rev. Jeremy Ong (Chaplain-in-Charge), Rev. Loretta Lim, Rev. Bernard Chng, Rev. Joseph Vasanth
Christian Ministry Staff:
Mr Wee Lian Kuanh, Ms Esther Kasinathan