Child Protection and Safeguarding

Child Protection and Safeguarding at ACS (International)

ACS (International) is aligned with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Singapore’s Child Protection Services and the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection that has set the standards for safeguarding in schools worldwide.  ACS (International) expects all individuals and groups affiliated with the school community to act with integrity and to take responsibility for keeping students safe.

At ACS (International) we know that learners need a secure and supported environment in which to learn. We believe that every child and young person, regardless of age, has at all times and in all situations a right to feel safe and protected.

ACS (International) aims to be a child safe organisation in which all adults take responsibility for being aware of the dangers of child abuse, committed to preventing harm to our students, responding to any concerns about child safety or wellbeing, and knowing how to report those concerns. The document below shows our child protection and safeguarding policy.

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy


아동 보호 및 안전 정책

Chính sách bảo vệ và che chở trẻ em

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (Japanese)

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy (Thai)


Reporting Safeguarding Concerns

If you have a concern about the safety and wellbeing of any student at ACS (International), please talk to one of our Child Protection Officers or send an email to The document below shows Child Protection Officers at ACS (International):

Child Protection Officers

Child Protection

Child protection is part of the safeguarding process. It focuses on protecting individual children where there are concerns about abuse or neglect. The documents below outline some types of abuse that child may encounter:


If you wish to volunteer at the school please contact Front Reception to speak to the relevant Vice-Principal. All volunteers must undergo ACS (International)’s Child Protection and Safeguarding course, successfully complete background screening and agree to the Code of Conduct for Volunteers.

Code of Conduct Volunteers