House System

The House System is the cornerstone of the school’s pastoral network. Each student is allocated to one of eight school Houses under the leadership of the Head of House, House Tutors and student House Prefects. The smaller student numbers of 130 per House enables a strong family environment to be maintained. Each student is known by name to their House leaders.

A friendly yet competitive rivalry between the Houses is encouraged through the various Inter-House activities that occur throughout the year.

Aims of the House System

  • To be the cornerstone of the pastoral care system
  • To nurture a united community, house spirit, and leadership development within the House that permeates throughout the whole school
  • To champion the holistic development of students and provide every student with an adult advocate; specifically focusing on our guiding statements of:
      • Student Development
      • Student Well-Being
      • Home and Community
      • Christian Character

Our House Mascots

Heads of House

The Heads of House have a coordinating role for all activities, and also oversee all pastoral aspects of the school including attendance and discipline. They are supported by House Tutors.

Mr S Sivarajan

Cheong Koon Seng (CKS)

Ms Gaye Kirby

Goh Hood Keng (GHK)

Mr Lim Tse Ren

Lee Seng Gee (LSG)

Ms Georgina Smith

Oldham (OLD)

Mr Charles Lee

Shaw Vee Meng (SVM)

Ms Cheryl Seah

Tan Chin Tuan (TCT)

Ms Kerry Sibson

Thoburn (THO)

Mr Peter Talbot

Tan Kah Kee (TKK)