Enrolment FAQs

1. What is the minimum PSLE points score for entry to ACS (International)?
To be considered for entry, students must obtain a maximum of AL20 points and have been offered the Express stream by the MOE. Please note that attaining the minimum score does not guarantee admission. Other factors such as suitability for an ACS (International) education are also considered.

2. If my child is not offered the Express stream by the Ministry of Education (MOE), can he or she apply to ACS (International)?
Given our current academic rigor, only applicants with Express stream background with be considered.

3. My child has been exempted by the MOE from studying Mother Tongue Language. Does he or she need to study a Second Language at ACS (International)?
Yes, all students study a Second or Foreign Language at ACS (International). If your child is exempted from Mother Tongue (Second Language), he/she will be required to enrol in a Second Language.

4. What does the admission entrance test consist of?
Applicants to Years 1, 1B, 2, Pre IGCSE, Pre IB and Foundation IB are required to take an English paper, a Mathematics paper Applicants to Years 3 and 5 are required to take a Science paper in addition to the English and Mathematics papers. All applicants will also be interviewed and assessed via our Non-Verbal Aptitude Reasoning.

5. When can my child take the admission entrance test?
Upon receipt of the completed application, we will finalise with you a date to take the test. The test is scheduled on every Monday.

6. After my child has sat for the admission entrance test, when will we know the result?
You will be informed five to ten working days from the test date.

7. My child does not require English support but has completed his or her academic year at his or her last school, can my child be accepted into the Bridging programme?
The Bridging programme is designed solely for international students whose first language is not English and  need to develop their language skills before entering the Mainstream course. We do not accept fluent English speakers into the Bridging programme.

8. If my child is enrolled for the Bridging programme, can he or she be promoted to the Mainstream course before the end of the year?
Normally the student will remain in the Bridging class for the academic year in order to develop their English Language skills. Occasionally, if we deem that a student’s English Language skills has improved to a satisfactory level to cope in the Mainstream course, we will transfer them to the Mainstream course. However, this transfer is not applicable after Term 3.

9. May I apply for my child’s transfer to the Mainstream course?
No. We assess each student’s ability to cope in the Mainstream course when appropriate.

10. Is it possible to transfer my child to Year 4 or Year 6 at ACS (International)?
We do not take in students for Years 4 or 6 as this is the examination year and, therefore, too late for new students to complete the full syllabus. Occasionally, we accept students who have been studying the IGCSE or the IBDP qualification elsewhere if we do offer the same subjects that they are currently studying. However, Year 4 applicants may be considered for either our one-year Foundation IB (First Language or competent English Language learners) or our one-year Pre IB Bridging (Second Language learners) programmes.

11. What is the criteria for entry to the IBDP in Year 5?
Students need a minimum of 3As and 3Bs grades at CAIE IGCSE level and a maximum of 18 points on L1R5 at GCE ‘O’ Level or their equivalent for entry to the IBDP. Subjects included the this computation must include at least 1 Science, Humanities, Mathematics and Second Language. For CAIE IGCSE, a minimum of grade A is required for students to continue taking the subject at the Higher Level and a minimum of  grade B is required for subjects to be taken at the Standard Level. For GCE ‘O’ Levels, a minimum of grade B3 is required for students to continue taking the subject at the Higher Level and a minimum of  grade B4 is required for subjects to be taken at the Standard Level.

12. Do I need to hire external tutors for my child?
No, the curriculum is fully covered by your child’s teachers. Additional support at school is also available to students provided by their subject teachers.

13. What if my child experiences academic difficulties?
Your child should speak to his/her subject teacher or house tutor for additional support.

14. What is the criteria for promotion at the end of the year?
All students can expect to be promoted at the end of each year unless serious concerns about their academic performance are raised during the course of the year.