Co-Curricular Activities

Our Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) programme aims to nurture all-round development of the students and help them achieve their potential outside of the academic field. Each student is expected to undertake one CCA from any CCA groups such as Interest Groups, Performing Arts and Sports. Students should maintain at least one active CCA throughout the year (year 4 and year 6 students can be exempted from CCAs in Semester 2).

In contrast to a traditional CCA programme (typically offered in MOE schools), CCAs at ACS (International) are scheduled in such a way that allows, and encourages, students to express themselves in variety of different contexts. 

  • Students are able to engage in multiple CCAs throughout the year and are free to change their CCAs each year if they wish.
  • Some CCAs run continuously throughout the year, whereas other CCAs run on a seasonal/termly basis. 
  • All of our CCAs are free at the point of entry (students may need to purchase specific equipment/attire or pay for events such as trips or excursions).

2024 CCA Deployment and Schedule

The school manages the CCA programme through the “SchoolsBuddy platform. Download the app for iOS devices here and Android devices here. For users from Chinese that cannot access Google Play store you can link users to download the Android app directly from here. Students (and parents) can only sign-up for CCAs using their SchoolsBuddy account. Sign-up confirmation, allocation, attendance and CCA communications will all be done through this platform. SchoolsBuddy activation emails are sent to student’s school email and to parents/guardians via the contact email address that was provided to the school. Follow the instructions within the email to activate your SchoolsBuddy account.

A step-by-step tutorial for students, parents and guardians to complete the sign-up process is provided here;

External CCAs

The schools CCA policy for students is that all students should have at least one activity CCA. However, the school recognises that some students have existing commitments that take place outside of school. If these activities are organised, regular and purposeful then the school may consider that the activity could be used in place of a school based CCA. In order to qualify as an External CCA an activity should be attended at least once a week and be run by a professional coach or club.

Students wishing to register their out of school activities as an External CCA must complete the form below and submit to the relevant Head of CCAs.

External CCA Application Form

2024 CCA Fair Presentation


Interest Groups

The Arts