ACSpirit de Corps 2023 – Back with a Vengeance!

1 March 2023

The festivities kicked off with a mass Broken Telephone game in the Sports Hall which involved the entire school community relaying sentences which were related to the history of ACS. At the end of the game, emcees Hector Chia (6 LSG) and Saw Yone Shou (6 GHK) read out some of the answers submitted by the Year Groups which certainly did not come close to the original sentences given! The winning Year Group, 1 SVM, was ecstatic to learn that their prize was early admission to the Carnival food and game fair! After 1200 glow sticks in ACS colours were quickly distributed to the audience, the entire Sports Hall was suddenly plunged into darkness, setting the scene for the amazing transformation that came next.

An opening video created by Rowan Cumming (6 TCT) was then screened on both giant projector panels as the venue was transformed into a giant concert hall, complete with red, blue, and yellow glow sticks flickering to heart-thumping music, and shouts and screams of excitement and astonishment from the crowd. The grandest ACS Got Talent ever got off to a roaring start as emcees Rikomei Suzuki (6 THO) and Vera Yong (6 THO) announced the first performance – an energetic mass dance by the Dance CCA, choreographed by Sara Kwok (6 THO). The talented dancers moved in unison to the upbeat tempo of the song “Now or Never” as the audience cheered and clapped along. This was followed by two breath-taking singing acts, “Scars To Your Beautiful” performed by Summer Yew (6 GHK), Diya Biswas (6 CKS) and Chelsea Sin (6 LSG) and “My Future” by Yeon Hu (2 TCT), Ashley Rao (2 THO) and Aubrey McClung (2 TKK). The singers’ melodic voices filled the hall as the audience sang and waved their light sticks to the rhythm of the soothing songs. A lively K-pop dance number turned up the heat again as Ashley Chan (4 CKS), Athena Peh (4 TKK), Seojin Yun (4 LSG), Zi Yi Ong (4 LSG), Haeram Choi (4 SVM) and Mao Akihara (guest), pranced and strutted their best moves to the funky tune of “Hype Boy”.

By the time guest performer Kris Wang (4 TKK) appeared, the audience was more than ready to welcome her with ear deafening cheers and screams! Kris’s stage presence electrified the hall as she danced to “Mmmh” by KAI on a stage bathed in changing coloured spotlights and billows of smoke to the delight of the appreciative audience.

As her performance ended, the lights went on as twenty huge confetti cannons popped, showering the audience with fluttering multi-coloured confetti. It was the perfect way to end such a spectacular concert! The festivities continued as students and teachers proceeded to the canteen and student centre where delectable Carnival food items such as cotton candy, popcorn, hotdogs, waffles, churros, nachos, pizza, fries, nuggets, ice cream and Ramly burgers, were served from live stations manned by the PSP and food vendors.

Exciting Carnival games were also organised by the House Captains and students took part in them with much enthusiasm. Students and teachers also let their hair down as they grooved to the thumping music in the Sports Hall which was turned into a massive dance club after the concert. We hope that we created some wonderful memories of ACSpirit de Corps 2023 for the school community and that we “inspired love and invoked harmony” through this event!

Larissa Chan (6 SVM)