Years 5 and 6 Student Scholarships

Two categories of scholarships are offered to students studying at local schools in Singapore:

  • Two full scholarships, each covering tuition fees and a contribution of $700 towards examination entry fees, stationery, textbooks and one service trip. Worth S$35,000 per year.
  • Two half scholarships, each covering 50% of the annual tuition fee per year.


  • ‘O’ Level results (L1R5) of a score of 10 or less
    A written assessment (to be done) and PSLE score and school reports of Integrated Programme (IP) students
  • Other factors for consideration include student involvement in CCAs and leadership, and a family income means test

(Parents who choose not to have their income means tested are to leave this section blank on the official application form.)

Each scholarship normally has a two-year tenure, subject to satisfactory achievement in Year 5 as measured by the term reports.

Interested students must submit their completed application form by the Friday following the release of the ‘O’ Level results. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed the following week.

Note: The interview panel consists of the Principal, Vice-Principal(s) and the Chair of the HR Committee or his representative.