Living in a boarding environment exposes students to new learning experiences and develops their ability to make personal choices that will enhance their personal growth and maturity. Students learn to appreciate consideration, co-operation, independence and how to live with others in a supportive environment where standards of behaviour are determined for the benefit and welfare of the community. They are able to make friends from different nationalities and forge lifelong friendships through living and sharing together.

Accommodation Handbook (The Accommodation Handbook contains all the information that families need)



From 2018, all new international students who are residing in Singapore without their parents must commit to staying in Oldham Hall or ACS (Independent) Boarding School for a minimum period of ONE year in order that they enjoy the rich benefits that come from boarding experience while studying in an overseas country.

Both hostels host students from other ACS schools, and each offers modern facilities in a supporting and safe environment.

ACS (Independent) Boarding School

Photo courtesy of ACS (Independent) Boarding School

ACS Oldham Hall

Photo courtesy of ACS Oldham Hall



A limited number of homestays with private families approved by the school are also available from the International Pastoral Coordinator for consideration.