2020 IB Visual Arts Exhibition

2 November 2020

Despite school closure during the circuit breaker period whereby we had limited access to resources and space for our art-making, we managed to meet the examination requirements to curate an exhibition of 8 to 11 art works for Higher Level students, and 4 to 7 for Standard Level students. This had been a challenge for some schools but we made up for the lost time because our teacher, Mr Talbot opened the Art department from Monday to Friday during the two-week September holidays for us.

Throughout the journey, we experimented with and  developed various new artistic skills in media such as painting, photography,  screen   printing,   sculpture   and   installation.  A huge amount of commitment, time and effort had been invested in the creative process. The art works included paintings of various styles from realism to abstraction; creative use of materials such as emulsion lifts of  polaroid photographs; and three-dimensional works made from different materials such as light bulbs, acrylic sheets, film montages, and pacifiers.

Each of us is proud of our achievement. We would like to  thank staff, family and friends, some of whom managed to view the exhibition, for their support. Lastly, we would like to express   our   sincere   gratitude   to   our   Visual   Arts teacher, Mr Talbot, for guiding and supporting us with feedback and advice on our artistic development.

Phoebe Kwan, 6 TKK on behalf of the cohort, Bryan Huen, Ashley Ong, Kim Eunjung Rose and Kim Yeojin