ACS (International) Celebrates Wellness

7 to 11 October 2019

ACS (International) Celebrates Wellness

During school assembly, Megan Man and Loh Tarquin, both in Year 5, reminded us of the wellness definitions and the importance of keeping ourselves in a healthy state of well-being. They played a short video that showcased climate change activist Greta Thunberg’s plea for the environment. This video helped to introduce our guest speaker, Mr Remi Cesari, Zero Waste Consultant, who talked about caring for the environment and how this is linked to wellness. He gave one example: Spending quality time with family nurtures our well-being and also reduces the impact on the environment. He also taught us a new campaign slogan – reduce, refuse, reuse.

The four strands of wellness we focused on are as follows:

Social: The way we live, work and play together helps to build a better quality of life. We should use language appropriately when we socialise, as it is a reflection of who we are.

Emotional: It’s about being resilient. The ability to bounce back after a tragedy or a difficult experience. When we can do this, it helps us to lead a happier lifestyle.

Mental: It’s about coping with stress, depression and anxiety and stopping the negative talk in our mind.

Physical: Regular exercise helps us to stay fit, sleep better, have a positive outlook, reduce stress and have a healthier appetite.