A Unique Lunar New Year Celebration

31 January 2020

On 31 January, ACS (International) started the morning with a loud bang (literally) – the beating of the drums and the clanging of the cymbals brought two beautiful “lions” to life as they performed around the school campus and reminded us we should not forget to celebrate.

Although the planned student performance items could not take place as part of the school’s measures not to hold mass assemblies in light of the Wuhan conoravirus outbreak, we are still proud to share a video made by Year 4 students on the school Facebook page https://youtu.be/xLLQgRj20fE and to announce the winners of the LNY Poster Competition. Tops winners are Cheng Xirui (5 Thoburn) and Isabella Huen Sen Vun (1 GHK), among 10 pieces of selected works. Even though the celebration did not run as planned, the LNY Organising Committee would like to thank the following students for their efforts:

Main Committee: Vahidy Rayyaan Ahsan, 6 TKK; Tan Hng Hon, 6 TKK Emcees: Tian Wei, 5 Thoburn; Vahidy Rayyaan Ahsan, 6 TKK; Yang Jiwon, 6 Oldham; Kamal Sandhu Dahnya, 6 TCT Song performance: Mei Yazhu, 5 CKS; Tamaara Shanmugaratnam, 3 Oldham Taekwondo performance: Keum Minjae, 6 SVM; Darren Yap, 4 TKK Gymnastics performance: Asumi Yamano, 4 TKK; Saya Ruchiev, 4 Thoburn

We are still hopeful that we will “get a plentiful year” and most important of all, may we all be blessed with good health. 祝愿大家鼠年吉祥,身体健康。