ACS Oldham Hall Thanksgiving Dinner

21 September 2019

ACS Oldham Hall Thanksgiving Dinner

About 144 boarders from our school attended this event together with Mrs Tan Siew Hoon, Dr Kris Achter, Mdm Chin Siew Lin and Mdm Goh Weili. Other guests invited were stakeholders and partners including Oldham Hall Management Committee, the ACS BOG, Barker Road Methodist Church, various partner schools, guardians and agents, alumni and befrienders.

This year, ACS Oldham Hall also invited some of their contractors (cleaners, laundry, caterers, etc.) to honour them as “unsung heroes”.

The Thanksgiving Dinner is also an important event for the boarders as this is the time for us to come together, to celebrate and to give thanks to the Housemasters who have taken good care of us in the past year. Boarders with good behaviour and who have contributed to the Hall received a “Service Award” or  “Merit Award”. The “Boarder of the Year” award was also given to the best boarder, one per gender. Congratulations to  Doan Ngoc Linh Dan (6 LSG) for receiving the Best Boarder Award (Female) and also to the Merit Award recipients, Beverly Njio, Chau Nguyen Khanh Giao, Doan Ngoc Linh Dan, Dong Renguang, Duong Hong Hanh, Jin Kawaso, Ryoko Fujii and Wang Yujia.

The Thanksgiving Dinner is one of my favourite events at ACS Oldham Hall. It reminds me to always be thankful for all the good things I have received here and appreciate the great care that the Housemasters have provided me. I also enjoyed helping out and giving back to the Hall as an usher and performer, and sharing information on hostel life to the guests and teachers.

Zhao Chenfan (James), 5 Oldham