End-of-Year Activity Days

11 November 2020

Through a variety of challenges across different faculties, students were given the opportunity to learn about the Global Goals and how they can contribute to the achievement of these goals by 2030, whilst at the same time using the skills of each faculty area.

Challenges ranged from the creative – creating glass bottle designs and displays from recycled materials, reflecting the need to protect life underwater and on land in Art ; to the physical – designing and taking part in an inclusive game, to help with the understanding of equal opportunities and the need for good health and well-being in PE; to those showing ingenuity – designing and building machines capable of converting energy, promoting the use of renewable energy in Science.

No matter what the nature of the activity is, students engaged with the global goals and problems faced by people around the world . In Languages, Year 1 students were involved in an interactive multilingual treasure hunt, which involved clues and completing mini challenges, putting themselves in the shoes of refugees in a new country and the language challenges faced . In Mathematics, Humanities and English students created advertisements and posters raising awareness about issues such as global hunger and gender equality. To catch a glimpse of the activities that the students participated in, click here to view a video .

Competition was fierce across all year groups and activities, but when all points were added up, the House tutor groups that emerged victorious were 1 CKS, 2 CKS/2 Oldham and 3/4 SVM.

Well done and congratulations to all students who took part . We hope that each student can go forward and aim to be a goalkeeper, even by small actions in their daily lives.

Miss Laura Blunt