Back to School Party

9 February 2018

The Back to School Party held on 9 February provided an exciting afternoon filled with music, dance and a vast range of delicious food provided by the PSP. This year, the school was brought onto a golden beach complete with palm trees. Across the beach, there were beautiful flowers hanging from the grass skirting surrounding the stage.

The party included musical performances by the CASables, Xander and Shawnia to sway us into the relaxing mood, welcoming the weekend as the students sat back on their bean bags enjoying the company of their friends. Following their performances were the girl dance groups who were very successful in keeping up the excitement. The crowds erupted into loud cheers as they took on the stage.

Moreover, there was a photobooth for students to take pictures to remember the jubilant event, an airbrush tattoo stand and game stalls where prizes could be won, adding to the fun of the event. Students were queuing up while they eagerly chose the designs of their tattoos or planned different strategies to win the games. While some were busy with the tattoo and game stalls, others were waiting in line for the free ice cream. What better way to enjoy Friday than sitting back and enjoying a cold ice cream on a hot day?

And what’s a party without food? The PSP provided a wide variety of mouth-watering food, which included Hello Kitty sandwiches, pizza, nachos topped with cheese, corn in a cup, egglets as well as fruit cups.

We would like to say a special thank you to the PSP exco and parents for providing the event with delicious dishes, the performers for gracing us with their exciting performances that lifted the mood of the crowd, as well as the thirteenth Student Council and a group of Year 5 for organising the event and decoration of the venue. Thank you to the PA Crew as well for the music set up. We look forward to next year’s fun-filled Back to School Party!

Fransisca Indrawanputri (5-TKK),
Sarah Darmawan (5-GHK)