Language Week 2019

5 to 7 August 2019

Language Week 2019

We organised an exhibition showcasing posters that introduce food from different cultures, lunch-time activities such as sushi making and food sampling session that brought students together, and quizzes that were conducted to encourage students to get a more in-depth understanding of the chosen topic. The Creative Writing Competition topics are food related too.

The morning announcement has become a tradition of Language Week that we have gladly kept. During the presentation of the drama skit Food Show to the Rescue, we tried to explore a deeper relationship between inter-linguistic conversation. With each of the six actors speaking a different language, besides the English subtitles on the screen that is understood by all, is there something else that the actors can use to make mutual understanding possible?

Each year, as we understood a little more about ourselves and our languages through Language Week, we realised there are more similarities than we ever knew. The dumpling poster at the exhibition sums it all – even though Chinese dumpling seems to be such an iconic feature for the Chinese culture, in fact, it is a food that is made in so many other cultures.

Always grateful to all the teachers and students who made this possible.

Organising Committee of Language Week 2019