Teachers’ Day 2020

28 August 2020

The Student Council planned a celebration that aimed to affirm the teachers for their hard work and effort especially during HBL, with some laughs out of them. The segment consisted of the teacher’s awards, each accompanied by a comical skit put up by the school prefects, and a yoyo performance by Xavier Ng (5 SVM). Many were entertained by a video showing teachers dancing and Mariah Carey’s Hero sung by Shermaine Saw (4 Oldham). The finale was a short but sweet group dance put together by the Student Council. Part one of the celebration closed with nine committed and devoted teachers and staff receiving their 10-year award for serving the school and students, before the PSP took over the second half of the celebration.

16th Student Council

Teachers’ Day this year was celebrated at the Oldham Chapel where our teachers were honoured by both students and parents. Instead of the usual themed dinners of previous years, the PSP Exco organised a grand raffle draw with 78 exciting prizes. A special thanks to all parents who made contributions ranging from $100 Fairprice vouchers, lipsticks, hair curlers and bottles of wine to smoothie makers, food hampers and $200 Takashimaya vouchers. The top prize was an Apple iPad, followed by Apple watches, $500 MBS vouchers, airpods, and portable JBL speakers. All staff were gifted with a special ACS customised luggage tag while a lucky few received additional spot prizes. When the grand finale gift was presented on stage, gasps of awe and resounding applause filled the room – a beautiful blue suitcase engraved with the school name was presented on stage to each staff member. It was a gift above all previous years and one which, in this time of COVID-19 restrictions, shared a message of hope and the promise of exciting journeys and future travels ahead. A special thanks to the Student Council who assisted in setting up the stage and distributing prizes to our teachers who remained seated in accordance with safe distancing measures. The PSP exco was truly pleased to be part of this amazing event and would also like to thank the school for the lovely tote bags and customised EZ-link cards. Thanks also to Mr Sutopo for the beautiful ceramic pieces he handmade for our exco members during the CB period.

Team PSP