Exhibition “Conflict” by Foundation IB Students

2 November 2020

There were a total of six projects undertaken in groups of  2 or 3:

Trump Tower: A structure built from playing cards and wooden sticks, with news headlines about the Trump presidency. This work challenged the viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between the truth and the lies that Trump might have spread throughout his presidency. The house of cards, a metaphor for the frailty of his power, was built on a “base” of deception.

0001: A model of a corpse made with newspapers and covered with red paint. One of its arms was missing as it laid lifeless on the floor. It represented the literal consequences of conflict, where many suffered   injuries   and   died,    often    only    being    remembered as statistics.

Scope: A model rifle built from chopsticks, and aimed to draw light on the armaments used in battles.

Stalemate: This project depicted the ongoing conflict between capitalism and communism with cardboard soldiers arranged across a chessboard. It examined the consequences when two ideologies clash, resulting in losses for both sides and eventual stalemate.

Faith and Execution: A collection of photographs about terrorism and the cost such actions brought to lives, particularly on civilians caught in the crossfire.

Behind the Light: An artwork made from wire shaped  into a map of the world. It represented the widespread occurrence of conflict around the globe by illuminating a silhouette of the world onto news articles, and shining a metaphorical light onto conflict.

Through the project, we were introduced to a few media and techniques which enabled us to express our intentions and concerns on the issues of world conflict. We also learnt about the various forms of conflict and disputes in which we have chosen to research on, and how to creatively convey our ideas. Being exposed to past and present conflicts from around the globe, and learning from them, will hopefully help us become better global citizens in the future.

Chan Yee Lok, 4 GHK, and Hoi Ching Wan, 4 SVM