Fin-tastically Jaw-some CKS House Camp

20 February 2021

We knew, however, that this year Is going to be a little different due to the unexpected changes that the world faces from COVID-19. Despite these unprecedented circumstances, CKS House overcame these obstacles, successfully carrying out a House camp on 20 February. We wanted to make the best out of the situation that we were in, to provide an enjoyable event for all.

Over the span of a few weeks, students of 5 CKS polished their collaborative skills to design games that would not only bring the House closer together, but also fun. Although this was a challenging task, with imagination and tenacity, a solid plan for the event was established. We came up with a variation of activities such as  Escape Room, Volleyball Toss, Pin-the-Shark, Marshmallow-Spaghetti Tower, Water Dodgeball and Egg Parachute, among others. These activities boosted the students’ creativity and allowed them to interact with those they had not worked with before. There were also attractive prizes such as personalised trophies, snazzy sunglasses, pencil case goodie bags and many more, that were given out at the end of the camp.

From this event, the students of CKS House learned to work cooperatively across several year groups. We emerged from the House camp bonded with each other and eager to work collaboratively to achieve our goals. Our objective to familiarise everyone and create a more kindred House environment was a success. Similar to the previous years, this year’s House camp consisted of the common traits that made those fruitful. Yet, it was a unique experience; regardless of the odds that we encountered, we were able to unitedly form an unforgettable memory that further strengthened the CKS spirit. This is one of the most requisite aspects that CK Sharks value, as Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”, and we couldn’t agree more!

Kim Minjee, 5 CKS