International Day

8 August

International Day

At the main stage, emceed by Lim Jia Ying and Madeline Choi in Year 5, the school was entertained by a mix of music, dance, and instruments from around the world. Multiple CCA groups performed including the Gu Zheng, Guitar, Contemporary Singers, Contemporary Band and Dance. The top three Houses from our Inter-House Music competition also performed.

Students also were able to visit eight cultural rooms organised and led by students. Students in international dress performed and led students in activities. Students played games, danced, made origami, tasted treats, and learned to write their name in various languages. The cultural rooms included Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, and Punjabi. Mr Portilla and Mr Fillary also led Salsa dancing in a room.

The day finished with a final performance sponsored by our Punjabi Club. Mr Burrough was a great sport getting up on stage and leading a dance with a Bhangra group. Thanks to all the parents, teachers, and students who put in many hours to put on this experience for our school community.

A special thanks to the teachers of the International Day Committee, PSP, and students who all contributed to a wonderful event. Thanks to the generous gift of food such as Vietnamese spring rolls, toppoki, sushi, and many more items from PSP and the many PSP members who helped set up, run, and tear down the food stalls. Especially Mr Thompson for his bravery on the step ladder putting up tentage decorations and banners.