5 July 2021

From the feedback we received, the orientees all had a great time in their first experience as students of ACS (International), and they were able to clear their doubts or concerns with us. We were all glad to hear that, and hopefully our successive projects would be as great, if not better than our first one. Our vigorous planning process and multiple dry runs definitely paid off.

Through this whole process, the Student Council got to familiarise themselves with each other’s personalities and work ethic, resulting in our bond as a team being strengthened. Meeting the incoming batch of new students was exciting for all of us, and we’re grateful for having opportunities to engage with students outside our team, making new friends along the way. We were also thankful for all the support and guidance provided by our teachers and other staff members, to ensure our first project was successful.

Tan Cae Lyn, 5 SVM

on behalf of Student Council