Singapore Cultural Orientation Tour I

18 January 2020

Initially, we started with bonding activities within small groups led by up to three members of the ISC, and had a buffet breakfast before embarking on our tour.

As part of the trip, we went to Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Gelam. We were able to experience many things: in Chinatown, some of us were able to visit a street market and purchase traditional Chinese snacks, while others visited cafés and eateries and were able to enjoy a meal. Some of us were able to enter a Buddhist temple and see its interior.

At Little India, we watched a documentary detailing the many experiences and struggles of Indian immigrants in Singapore’s early years in both English and Tamil. We also explored the Indian Heritage Centre, a museum filled with artefacts and statues of famous people and were able to get insights as to how Indian culture took shape and rooted itself in Singapore.

Finally, we visited Kampong Gelam and sensed the inviting ambience as it pulled us in. The array of colourful houses, and the smell of spices and the joyful energy radiating from the people demonstrated the lively Malay culture. Here, we got to explore a park and charming shops and narrow streets and absorb the way of life.