Home Based Learning (HBL)

Please note that ACS (International) will follow all MOH or MOE requirements regarding entering into a HBL period. The school is ready and prepared to enter into HBL at any time, and will do so if required by the government. The school may from time to time hold HBL days in order to test levels of preparedness for existing and new staff and students. Notification will be provided to parents as early as possible should one of these days be scheduled on the school calendar.

The documents below describe the expectations that parents and students should have in relation to Home Based Learning. There is also some advice to parents under what conditions they should keep their child from home.

COVID-19 Notification Requirements

Home Based Learning – FAQs

Home Based Learning – Student Expectations

Safe Management Measures (SMM)

Please find below the safe management measures in relation to the school’s COVID-19 pandemic.

Safe Management Measures – Students

Safety Measures in ACS (International)