Special Invited Guests to Our Chinese New Year Celebration

14 February 2018

Gogo! ACS : Chinatown Running Man Game

To many of us, Chinese New Year (CNY) is a festive season synonymous with abundance of costly delicacies, brand-new clothes and red packets, coupled with joyous family reunion gatherings. However, not all of us are as fortunate to afford such extensive CNY celebration.


For the Lunar New Year 2018 Celebration, we formed a Games Committee and planned a series of games for the school. Gogo! ACS is one of them. In round one, three representatives from each house were invited to play a Virtual Reality game at HADO, Scape. Four houses emerged to play Round 2.

On 2 February, 16 participants went to Chinatown to play our own version of Running Man. In this game, each team has $20 budget to buy food listed on the bingo card. The players can go for the next item only if they finish the food or perform the mysterious task and they cannot be split up to play separately. They have to complete four items in a row in order to receive the ultimate challenge. The first two groups to complete the task will enter the final round.

We played the role of ‘Angels’ for Oldham house, guiding the team and making sure they comply to the rules of the game. As the game started, participants from Oldham house act quickly and chose a line immediately. They really went all out for the game as they even asked passersby for help to finish the pomelo which is the second food item on the line they have chosen. They finished the first 3 items within 10 minutes and we worried that the game would end too soon. However, the last ‘Fa Cai’ candy was a big challenge for them. After searching for half an hour, they decided to give up and change to another line of food. They too struggled at the mysterious task which was to sell any doggie toys for the owner. Again, they failed and changed to another row. Although their team did not get into the final round, we see how hard they worked as a team and how they supported each other. We believe everyone learns something through this game, which makes it meaningful for both participants and organizers.

Zhuang Kaidi 6LSG and Si Mahaoqi 6TKK


I helped out as an ‘Angel’ for TKK team. It was the most valuable and enjoyable event this year. Playing a running man game in Chinatown with my schoolmates is a brilliant and unprecedented idea. It was the day I made some new friends and had some precious, unforgettable memories with them. We played games, completed missions, and took pictures and videos in Chinatown. It was not only a fun game but also a great opportunity to learn more about various cultures about Lunar New Year. We ate scrumptious Chinese New Year food, communicated with the people on the streets, the people in the market, the residents, and experienced a variety of cultures. One of the participants was Thai and he even used Thai to buy food from his fellow countryman. 

Through this game, I learnt various things such as leadership, teamwork, how to communicate with others, and culture, and made many valuable friends. I can assure you that it was the most interesting and exciting game of my life. If I have a chance, I would like to organize and participate in next year with more friends.

Kalista 5TCT


Through the game, I realised that the whole point of this competition is not just to fight to become the best. The teamwork spirit that we practiced in AR games, the diverse cultures we enjoyed in different parts of Singapore, the bravery to overcome the frustration when my house didn’t manage to get into the grand final. I will never forget things I experienced and learnt in the rest of time at ACS.

James 4OLD