Barrett Music Competition 2020

13 November 2020

Similarly, music-making experiences are just as organic. For the Barrett Music Competition this year, we moved onto a new virtual platform and have musicians record their performances virtually so that we can all still enjoy the beauty of music with safe-distancing measures set in place!

Musically, our spirits are not hampered by the coronavirus pandemic, for music-making can still be as interesting and as vibrant as before! So yes, the Barrett Music Competition 2020 had “virtual- ised”! All music contestants and the bubbly emcee Renee Joy Tan (3 CKS) were video-recorded to carry out the virtual music  competition.

The Barrett Music Competition is the highest music award given to individuals who has deep passion in music and expression. To encourage participation, for 2020, we have had five new categories:

  • Piano
  • Vocal
  • Mixed Instruments
  • Percussion
  • Music Ensemble

The audience were given the privilege to vote for the Barrett Music Competition Champion online. 416 votes were cast and a Grand Champion was born!

Here’s our list of winners:

Grand Champion: Ethelyn Huang, 3 Thoburn PIANO

1st : Ethelyn Huang, 3 Thoburn 2nd : Sawa Keishiro, 4 CKS

3rd : Luca Marco Buchanan, 2 CKS


1st : Hailey Ng Hei Lam, 3 LSG 2nd : Lim Jia Ying, 6 LSG

3rd : Cai Jia Zhen, 2 SVM


1st: Marisa Renjia Lee, 3 Oldham 2nd: Ui Ogino, 6 CKS

3rd: Kim Minju, 2 LSG


1st : Timothy Goh, 5 CKS


1st : Fahim Mohammed (5 GHK) and Larissa Chan (3 SVM)

2nd : Summer Yew (3 GHK) and Marisa Renjia Lee (3 Oldham)

3rd : Larissa Chan (3 SVM), Ethelyn Huang (3 Thoburn), Samantha Lim (4 GHK) & Lauren Chye (3 Thoburn)

We congratulate all our winners of the 2020 Barrett Music Competition.