Malaysia CAS Trip

26 May to 2 June

Malaysia CAS Trip

During the first four days, we served at the BRDB-Rotary Children’s Residence. We painted the walls of a room which was to be the infirmary and of the reception area at the entrance to the dormitories. We taught the children lessons (in Mathematics, English, Art and Sports). It was such a joy simply interacting with the children. We saw how content they were despite having gone through so much in their past, and it encouraged us to be just as resilient and carefree as they do.

We also realised how privileged we are here in Singapore, being provided with all the facilities and amenities at the tip of our fingers, which we always take for granted.

Painting the walls was a tougher job and more challenging than we anticipated as there was much coordination and teamwork involved. The process was also rather messy. However, it was so fulfilling to see our work come together at the end of the day. We had the chance to put on the shoes of a painter and of a teacher. These are surely not easy jobs and we have gained a lot of respect for painters and teachers.

For the second half of the trip, we travelled by cable car up to Genting Highlands. There, our instructors set us up on a myriad of unique activities. These involved abseiling, replanting of pitcher plants, and hiking. The hiking part of the trip was especially memorable and was such a good bonding experience for all of us. The instructors were all incredibly insightful and taught us much about the dangers these pitcher plants faced due to rapid urbanisation and economic expansion. We were then given a chance to replant these rescued plants during the abseiling. Despite having a fear of heights, we were grateful for this experience as it taught us be to be more courageous and thankful for the help and insight of the instructors who guided us on the proper techniques of abseiling.

This project was an eye-opening experience because it brought environmental awareness for all of us. It made us realise how much we humans are damaging our planet earth and that each of us is contributing to global warming. Personally, after the trip we are more self-conscious about our own contribution, like the use of plastic straws and the urgent need to bring our own bags to the supermarket.

All in all, we are extremely thankful and grateful that we chose to go on the Malaysia CAS trip. Being the pioneer group to go to this destination initially intimidated us as we did not know what to expect. However, it has truly been such a beneficial and fulfilling journey. Not only being able to bond with others in the year group, but also getting a chance to serve others and care for them has taught us a lot.

This trip taught us to step out of our comfort zones, which we are grateful for because we did things we did not expect to do. We also bonded with new friends throughout the trip and we will always cherish those memories. It has truly been a memorable trip.

Ruth Neo and Treshia Siotama (Tracy) Tan, 5 Oldham