Inter-House Music Competition

27 October 2021


First place: TCT

Second place : TKK and SVM (Tie)

Student Reflection

It is definitely a great experience working with friends from different classes. Our team comprised singers Jeremiah Lim, Ashley Tan and Jerry Leow who was also the pianist, Um Seyoung as guitarist, Roy Kawaguchi on base and Max Kwan playing the drums.

Initially, we faced difficulties in terms of deciding the song and working together. The SMMs also put extra obstacles in our way such as not being able to use the music room. However, we eventually pulled together and worked on our piece after school almost every day, despite our various responsibilities. As we started working as a team, we not only improved in our practice sessions, but also began to enjoy participating in the competition. We definitely would not have been able to achieve first place without the hard work of everyone and the feedback given by our teachers.

Elizabeth Wong, 5 TCT

Aesthetic Prefect, TCT House