International Students Committee’s Outing to Sentosa

28 April 2019

International Students Committee’s Outing to Sentosa

The International Students Committee (ISC) embarked on their very first outing to Sentosa on 28 April. The outing lasted from 9am to 3pm, and was one that the students will never forget.

A few adventurous students from the group of 14 decided to start off with a walk to Sentosa Island from their meeting place at Vivo City. The walk was 600m long. Despite the high humidity and heat, the students enjoyed the walk and took photos with the magnificent view of Sentosa Island as the backdrop.

At about 10:30am, we arrived at Siloso Beach. To break the ice, we had a warm-up session by playing “monkey” game. It was a short but simple game and was a great way to prepare the group for a volleyball match. The match was not rigorous as it encouraged friendly competition among teammates, so many students were able to foster sufficient camaraderie during the games.

The outing ended off with a sumptuous lunch at a Kopitiam (a local food court), where we bought a variety of cuisines from different stalls and chatted with their teacher in-charge, Mdm Chin, about our plans for the ISC during the year, which included local and several overseas trips.

In conclusion, the first outing was not only significant in building strong rapport among the students, it also acted as a stepping stone for the ISC to plan for future similar events that are of high regard for them. Surely, the outing was an amazing success for the ISC which was able to maintain diversity among all students in ACS (International).

Hasha Samarasekera, 5 LSG