28 October 2021

As a celebration for Mid-Autumn Festival, the Year 4 Japanese Preparation Class for IB made Shiratama-dango (白玉団子) and Takoyaki (たこ焼き). Shiratama dango, directly translates to “white ball”, is nostalgic to me since I eat this frequently with my family when growing up in Japan. It carries many fond memories, and I hope everyone can try this sweet dango at least once in their lifetime! Eating dango (団子) is a symbol of happiness, good health and is believed to contain the blessings of the moon.

Rikomei Suzuki, 4 Thoburn

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, our Chinese teachers invited a Chinese calligraphy teacher Mr Pan to teach calligraphy and paintings. He demonstrated how to hold a pen and create strokes. Then he wrote the words 中秋節 and 花好月圓 on the calligraphy paper and wanted us to do the same. We practised while he explained the meanings to us. It took us a while to write correctly, but the results were great. In the latter half of the lesson, he showed us how to draw fish and pandas with the calligraphy brush. I was amazed with the amount of consideration put in about the anatomy of animals as he was drawing them so effortlessly. It was fun to connect with my own culture.

Circle Suen Ching Man, 5 TKK

Winners of the Lantern Riddles

Zheng Yiqian, 3 TKK

Zhang Qingyan, 3 Thoburn

Song Yu, 2 CKS

Wu Yufei, 2 CKS

Cao Fangru, 3 CKS

Napat Sakdibhornssup, 3 LSG

Kim Sunbin, 3 SVM

Kim Jibin, 3 SVM

Yuri Masuda, 3 GHK

Phyo Min Khant, 1 SVM