Junior Division

Who We Are

The Junior Division comprises Year 1 and Year 2 students, aged between 12 and 14 years old. The majority of our students start as new students in Year 1. Singaporean students must have qualified for the Express stream awarded by the MOE and have a minimum of 200 points for their PSLE results. We have an equal mix of Singaporean and international students.

The focus of the Junior Division is to prepare students for the rigors and challenges that await them in the Middle and Senior Divisions. We take a holistic approach to develop not just academic knowledge but character and emotional intelligence to prepare the students for an ever-changing world. Through engagement in House Tutor time, classwork, and CCA activities, the intention is to offer a range of activities to build our IGNITE values; Inspiration and Impact, Godliness, Noble Character, Integrity, Tenacity, and Excellence.

The Junior Division is the start of an exciting adventure as an ACS (International) learner.


All students in Year 1 and Year 2 take general courses that include a foreign language or Mother Tongue Language (MTL). Bridging students undertake intensive English Language tuition in specialist classes but their other subjects are identical to Mainstream subjects.

Singaporean and Singapore PR students follow the MOE MTL framework. All other students are required to study a foreign language, including local students who are exempted from MTL.

With the exception for language classes, all instructions and class content are delivered in English.

The Bridging programme aims at preparing students who are still acquiring English Language skills for gaining admission into the Mainstream course. Year 1 Bridging aims to admit students into Year 2 Mainstream while Pre IGCSE prepares students for Year 3 IGCSE.

ACS (International) Junior Division Programme Overview

Subjects offered

• English Language
• Mathematics
• Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics
• Geography (Year 2)
• Global Perspectives
• The Arts – Music, Art and Drama
• Physical Education
• History*
• Mother Tongue or Foreign Language* (Chinese, Malay, Tamil, French, Spanish)
• Integrated Humanities* (Year 1)
• Religious Studies* (Year 2)

* not offered to Bridging students



Students also take part in after-school CCAs to develop holistically and learn new skills and develop talents. Year 1 students take part in local adventure and team-building camps to encourage creative and critical thinking, teamwork, and a sense of adventure. Year 2 students participate in overseas camp experiences to further this aim and develop cultural awareness and compassion for humanity.